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Looking After Your Jemima Vine Shoes

Jemima Vine shoes are crafted to a very high quality using leather uppers and soles. As leather soles are a natural material, they become porous when wet.  Before wearing the shoes, remove the clear plastic film off the leather sole and apply a good quality leather sole guard as per the instructions to protect from water absorption and to extend the life of the soles.  

Repeat the application at regular intervals.  Fine rubber soles may also be fitted to some shoe styles by your cobbler to protect the leather soles.  

For kid suede shoes, a waterproof protection spray for suede/nubuck should be applied to the uppers before initial use and thereafter at regular intervals.  This will allow the leather to breathe, keeping it soft and supple and also protecting and preventing colour fade.  To clean, gentle use of a suede sponge will remove most stains.  Colour fastness cannot be guaranteed on suede or leather. 

For snake print leather, a spray for exotic leather such as reptile and snake is recommended.  The spray should be applied to the uppers before first use and thereafter on a regular basis to waterproof, prevent dirt penetration and reactivate faded colours. 

In the instance that leather shoes get wet, they should be allowed to dry naturally and not by artificial heat.